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The team at Drago’s Auto Pro offers a full complement of auto services in Kamloops, B.C. We perform all your vehicle’s required maintenance and repairs at a fair and honest price. Both private vehicles and commercial fleets are welcome at Drago’s!


Tire Changes, Wheel Alignments & Balancing

Oil Change & Lube Services

Brakes – Repair, Changing Rotor Kits, Sensor Repair

Transmission Service & Repair

Vehicle Inspections

Steering & Suspension

Exhaust System Service & Repair

Cooling System Maintenance

Engine Maintenance & Repairs

Tire Changes

Whether you need to change your tires for a new season or because the old one’s are at the end of their life span, we can get you fitted up and ready to go in no time.  We also perform quick and well-priced tire rotations, mountain balancing, and wheel alignments. Make an appointment today.

Inside a garage - changing wheels/tires

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your engine running at peak performance and achieve optimum gas mileage with regular and on-time oil changes and lube services at Drago’s Auto Pro. Contact us for an appointment.


Stay safe with brake maintenance, diagnostic and repair. We’ll tend to your brake pads, rotors, calipers, drums, and shoes. Call today to have us check your brakes.

Car Disc Brake


Change gears effectively and effortlessly with our transmission services, including filter changes, fluid drain and fill, and transmission diagnosis and replacement. Make an appointment today.

Vehicle Inspections

Our auto specialist can provide B.C. Commercial inspections under 5500kgs, out-of-province inspections, and bumper-to-bumper safety checks for all makes and models of cars and trucks as well as other vehicles. Call today for an appointment.

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Steering & Suspension

Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Do you feel every bump in the road or have difficulty steering? These may be signs that you need to have your steering and suspension looked at, so is having one corner of your vehicle sitting lower than the other three, and diving, rolling and/or squatting. Come on in for an assessment. We can do any front-end repairs you may require, such as replacing your tie rod pole joint and steering rack, performing a wheel alignment, and changing your wheel bearings.

Cooling System Maintenance

Stay cool on your summer drives with air conditioning maintenance and repairs. We have R-134A and R-1234YF refrigerant. Call for an appointment today.

Hand of car mechanic technician use meter to check car air conditioner system heat problem
Car Mechanic

Engine Maintenance

Give your engine a long, performant life with regular maintenance. Our technicians can tend to your gas kits and sensors, replace your timing belt, and even more, including engine removal and replacement. Contact us for service and repairs.

Exhaust System Service & Repair

Keep your neighbours, passengers and engine happy and safe with regular exhaust system service and repair. Exhaust system inspections and maintenance will assist in proper engine performance, noise management, and the prevention of harmful fumes entering the engine compartment or passenger area. Call today for an appointment for an exhaust system inspection, muffler catalytic converter and exhaust repair, or a muffler replacement.

Bottom view of the car on a bifurcated exhaust system, rear bumper with a sports diffuser
Mechanic's Garage

Time for a Check-up?

We offer efficient service at fair prices.

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